Future of Video interaction.

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  1. I have an example for you Ryan. One is from law 34 of the 48 Laws of Power where it was exnaeipld that Christopher Columbus came from a modest family background but dressed and acted like an aristocrat in order to commerce with nobility. He didn’t come from a noble bloodline so he faked it and pretended he did which, according to the 48 Laws of Power, turned out to be a brilliant strategy that may have been the sole reason he received funding for his voyages to the new world. The book calls this the Strategy of the Crown. (p.287) I’m not entirely sure if that pertains exactly to what you were talking about. I think your point is that adopting the Strategy of the Crown can easily trick the strategist into believing he or she has already accomplished his or her aims creating an effective means to slack off. I agree with this and also might add that grandiosity is a classic warning sign of mental illness. As far as the Facebook runner goes though, if faking an interest in running makes him go out and run, then he will be a better runner. He’ll associate with those who have real interest and may even develop real interest himself.

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