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Previous posts here have explored leadership language, the power of brevity and the influence thateveryday language has on organizational culture. But what about pronouns and function words--the connective tissue of language? How important is it to pay attention to these often overlooked words? Turns out it's very important, as they can say a lot about your status and personality.
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8WALL CONTENT MARKETING We’re essentially content people. Why? Because content is the single most powerful and most versatile tool in the bag of 8wall marketing tricks.   Whatever door they come in, almost all of our clients end up at the business end of the 8Wall content marketing machine. This is where we: Identify all…
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USABILITY MATTERS: MAKE OR BREAK STRATEGIES FOR 8wall WEB SITES Make no mistake, usability is very, very important to the success of your web site. A poorly constructed site is a curse for the type of people you’re trying to communicate with (knowledge workers, ‘C’ types and senior managers – all of whom are busy…
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