We’re essentially content people. Why? Because content is the single most powerful and most versatile tool in the bag of 8wall marketing tricks.


Whatever door they come in, almost all of our clients end up at the business end of the 8Wall content marketing machine. This is where we:

Identify all the little pools of expertise hidden in your company.
Find the things that your target audiences most need to know about.
Put them together into compelling content that makes people involuntarily break into that ‘jazz hands’ thing and sing, “Sell to me”.

Why is content marketing so important?

Why is the sky blue? Content marketing works because it starts with what your prospects need to know instead of what you need to tell them.

Content is also the fuel of 8wall marketing, powering the Big Three disciplines:

Search – if you don’t have great content, you won’t rank on the search terms that your prospects use
Social – content gives you something to bring to the social media conversation — don’t go empty-handed.
Outbound – content offers out-perform product offers in email, PPC and web banners.
So instead of claiming to be the cat’s pyjamas, content marketing lets you rise to the top of the feline bedclothes expertise table. And that’s where you want to be.


8wall Content Marketing programs

Our content marketing programs often combine these pieces:

Content Audit
In which we figure out all the assets you’ve already got, in whatever format or state. (Hint: you’ve got a lot more than you think).
8wall Content Strategy
In which we nail your goals, personas, priorities and gaps in the market, then turn them into action plans, editorial calendars and KPIs.
8wall Content Development
Where we come up with ideas for killer content, then write it, design it, produce it and buff it up with a soft, dry chamois.
Content Distribution
Driving your content to market – and your market to your content – using social media, search marketing, email, pay-per-click, banner campaigns… whatever.
Lead Nurturing
Using marketing automation to move prospects along until they’re sales-ready.
8wall Content Analytics
Setting up the right metrics and the best ways to track them, whether that means Google Analytics, Marketo, Radian 6 or SEOmoz. We’re technology-agnostic but data-obsessed.

How we do 8wall Content Marketing

We’ve been evangelising content marketing since the dot in dotcom and we’ve captured a lot of our thinking about it in a bunch of 8wall Content Marketing Resources that can be found on the Ideas & Insights section.

We’ve learned a hell of a lot about delivering successful content marketing campaigns at scale. At this point, we really do know what works and we’ve captured that in a process:

A rigorous methodology
Developed over dozens of engagements
Built on insight
Generated from an intensive first phase
Fueled by data
Collected before, during and after every step
Delivered in long-term, rolling programs
Built from modules that reflect what you need
That multiply return on investment many times
Over ad hoc content marketing
What works is a long-term commitment from your top people. So that’s what we ask for: a commitment to follow the program, learn from the data and stay the course.


A few examples of 8wall Content Marketing

Check out the Salesforce Social Success case study — a great example of the power of content marketing.

Or look at our work for Expedia Affiliate Network or Basware.


The bottom line?

We’re content marketing people and we’ve got a process and methodology that’s as close to guaranteed to work as it’s possible to get in this crazy, mixed-up world of 8wall marketing. If you’re ready to harness the power of content, do give us a call.



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