How to spot a Liar in 5 seconds

I find it funny how we read articles about complex issues, like becoming a confident leader or the 4 qualities of a good father, when we’re still struggling with the rudimentary skills we learned in kindergarten.

On average, you will hear between 10-200 lies per day. While many of them are small and will not likely affect your life, the skill to spot a lie can drastically change your life. It can prevent a negative relationship, keep you out of trouble, or help you heal a broken relationship. And most importantly, catching someone in a lie just might help them stop.

The video below explains the science of how liars act and feel. It provides four interesting tactics for spotting a lie. I have also provided a quick recap below.

Recap: The 4 Communication Signs Of A Liar:

  1. Minimal Self-Reference: Liars write or talk more about others often using the third-person to distance and disassociate themselves from their lie.
  2. Negative Language: Liars tend to be more negative because on a sub-conscious level, they feel guilty about lying.
  3. Simple Explanation: Liars often over simplify because their brains struggle to create a complex lie.
  4. Convoluted Phrasing: And even though liars keep things simple, they seem to use longer and more convoluted sentence structure. Inserting relevant words but in a hard-to-understand way.


Do you have a liar in your life? What techniques or signs help you spot a lie? Let me know in the comments below.

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