Source Writers

Develop Strategies

Commission the world's best writers, reporters, and bloggers through our exclusive network.

We pair you with writers from your vertical. (i.e.: Political bloggers write for our clients involved in politics.)

Source Writers

Develop Strategies

We'll write content that is centrally focused around your end strategy.

Need to rank content for a specific keyword, or use it to influence a market? What's your strategy?

Source Writers

Original Content

Credibility is King.
Content is Queen.

Credible, authoritative writers will write content for your brand. This content is 100% original and highly engaging.

 Edit Your Story

The world needs to know you are the best...but how? And who is going to believe it?

In order to maintain the credibility of our news organization, we filter out self-promotional and advertorial copy. The purpose of this is to ensure that your story is newsworthy, providing valuable information that is editorial in nature.

Promotional and advertorial content is not trusted in the eyes of consumers and search engines. The educational, informative, and newsworthy content we create on your behalf will engage audiences and influence markets.

Publish Your Story On Our Exclusive News Media Network

We have axcess distribution to the news media. NHQ holds a portfolio of 14 news sites including USA Herald, Daily Globe, and Weekly Times.

NHQ has an elite team of in-house writers and freelancers published on tier-1 sites. NHQ syndicates content to third-party publishers and enables brands to publish their original stories on these same publishing sites.

Before content is published you will have the ability to approve the final drafts, ensuring accuracy of your story.





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